Thursday, August 4, 2011

{A Summer Wedding}

Last Saturday I had the privilege of attending a wedding of a sweet girl our family has known for years. I have a few pictures to share. The wedding was so sweet! What a blessing to see two kids who love each other and love the Lord get married! They had a beautiful, personal wedding--I LOVED it!

Not a great picture, but I had to show it. The mother of the bride with her son. This family has a similar age spread in their children (two older girls, one son eight years later) as our family. It's been so fun to watch them grow up! 

Sister of the bride! So beautiful~

Ring bearer---the birthday boy from this post

Here comes the bride!!! (corny, I know!)

Prayer time---this was so sweet and encouraging!


 YEA!!! Mr. & Mrs!!


The reception was at the home of the groom's family in a tent---yes, that's Justin and Joshua marching into the reception----they have their dancing shoes on....what a pair! 
(of kids---not shoes!)

First Dance

I'm a sucker for the father/daughter dance---LOVE!

Here are some pictures of people at the reception!
Ring bearer & Dad---who also performed the ceremony! BUT, this is really just a set up for this next one---

WHAT IS A FOUR YEAR OLD DOING LOOKING LIKE A GROWN MAN? sorry for the screaming--- but this just cracked me up---except for the fact that he's on his dad's shoulders, he looks like a grown up with his glasses in his mouth.....too funny!

I was so disappointed in this picture---the other one I took that was SO GREAT of both of them wasn't focused----ugh! BUT, aren't these two amazing looking 5th graders? Good friends!

The Cupid Shuffle---before Joshua saw me taking pictures....things changed after that! Joshua also caught the garter----AGAIN....but I wasn't there to capture the picture. I didn't make him wear it like a headband like last time! 

Mothers and sons----I was far away and using my long lens......need that external flash, no?

Amy & Donnas---LOVE these women! Cheerwine---it's the drink of choice apparently!

When the bride and groom left they had a balloon release----it reminded me of another wedding reception from not too long ago!

Annetta & Mitch after the festivities!

Thanks for coming by---I have big plans this weekend---a road trip with those two 5th graders and a Lego THAT'S FUN! You can BET I'll have the camera out for this one!

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