Saturday, August 27, 2011

{A LEGOxtravaganza}

Early in the summer a friend asked me if Joshua and I wanted to go to a Brick Fair in the Washington DC area with her and her son in August. I was THRILLED to go hang out with my son AND my friend, thrilled for Joshua to get to go to a 'LEGO convention' and hang out with his friend. AND, my sweet sister Shannon lives in DC, so we got to see her, too. THIS was the "EPIC weekend of the summer" (according to Joshua) but I've already used the word "epic" in a recent post title, so I decided not to go there again.

The simple way to do this post is to just DO IT---this has been sitting here for WEEKS, so I'll just put up the pictures and tell you what was up. It was truly a fabulous weekend!

We got to the brick fair about 10 minutes before the door opened and there were HUNDREDS of people already there. Fortunately when the doors opened we moved pretty quickly.

One of the reasons the boys were so excited about this was the opportunity to buy
BrickArms products. BrickArms  is a company that creates cool weapons to fit LEGO brand products. The line was INSANE~

Here the boys are looking through little cups of tiny little guns and helmets for their mini figures---did I mention they were tiny?
Here's Astronaut Josh! 

Astronaut Justin

I LOVE this idea. It looks like they are in the newspaper.

Here are some of the creations we were able to see at the Brick Fair. Some of them were so creative. My favorite of the day was the Apocalego area.


Look at this---if you've never built a lego set, you may not appreciate this---I REALLY appreciate it---;D I've helped build a few and I can't imagine doing this---it's really cool.

We also went to a couple museums while we were in town---I'll put that post up tomorrow! This trip was so fun---really, it was one of the most enjoyable weekends I've had in a long time! I'd love to make it an annual affair---

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