Sunday, March 13, 2011

{I love a wedding!}

As I read back through the last post I made, I think my words were: come back tomorrow and I'll have more" (pictures- I meant!) um, well, two weeks later, is what I meant! ;D Sorry!

Lindsey and Brett got married last night and it was such a fun time! Here are a few pictures from the wedding....I'll explain as I go!

We sat in the balcony with Caitlin---we didn't know that the wedding party would be coming upstairs at the end of the wedding to wait! WHAT FUN! 
Mrs. Bretton Danforth with Caitlin!!  ummm, yeah, I cut off my grandbaby in the picture--I'll work on my photography skills---

Caitlin and Carson and Eve---the little family! Brett is in the doorway in the back---parents and grandparents were still coming up the aisle!

Off to the reception and cakes by Christie Haas---OH MY GOODNESS! She's amazing! She made Caitlin's cakes--you can see them here. Anyway, this one was peanut butter with chocolate icing---hmmmmm!

This isn't a great picture of the bride's cake, but it was beautiful---and as always, it tasted delicious. If you need a cake for any occasion, let me know and I'll put you in touch with Christie---she's easy going, affordable and makes a beautiful, tasty cake---OK, commercial finished!

Brett and Lindsey's first dance!
Caitlin was supposed to be in this wedding, but when she found out that she was pregnant, she decided it would be best not to be---great idea! So, she got to attend and be a part of the festivities. Here are some pictures of Eve. She had on a sweet tutu---love those this year. 
Eve with me---bliss!

Eve with Randy--Carson's daddy

The beautiful bride with Eve~

Joshua was looking forward to the reception last night so he could burn up the dance floor again. He made his debut at Caitlin's wedding and since many of these people had been there, they just encouraged him to go, uh, he did.....

...some fancy moves....

...look at the momentum on his tie!!!

Oh, and Joshua caught the garter......I told him it was a headband....yeah, he'll hate me in a few years when he figures it out---but last night it was hysterical!

And finally, Lindsey and Brett left to Sparklers---LOVE that--I don't know what is funnier....the fear on Liz and Taylor's faces or the sparkler in Carson's mouth behind them!

Thanks so much for the visit---as I've said before---it's just a little pitiful how much I enjoy your visit! ;D 
Oh and can I just say---way to go, Duke! ACC Champs----AGAIN!

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Vicki said...


Thank you for posting pics from Lindsey and Brett's Wedding! These are some of the first we have seen. I am sure it will take some time to get proofs from photographer.