Thursday, March 17, 2011

{eve's first bath!}

Oh's happened---I will apologize right now for the blatantly sappy and overly obnoxious "my grandchild is the most wonderful grandchild in the world" post. YEP---it's below---SOOOOOO, if you don't want to read this---move won't hurt my feelings----well, it probably would, but I won't really know!

Joshua and I went over to Caitlin's today after he got out of school. We just hung out and had dinner. While I was changing Eve's diaper we saw her WHOLE belly button....YEA!!!! The umbilical cord had finally fallen off and she could have a real bath! I was SOOOOO excited that I got to be there for this sweet moment---yes, I know that there will be HUNDREDS more of these, but there's something sweet about the first bath---mostly, I just love a just washed baby in a towel, don't you? Here are a few pictures from our night! (ok, a lot of pictures!)

Just before her bath---don't they look GREAT ;D 

She never cried! I think all three of mine cried like crazy in the tub for the first time---but not Eve---I'm POSITIVE it's superior parenting--I wish I could have been this comfortable with my babies! 

Almost done!

BEAUTIFUL---love that boy!

SO, if you're still here, you are either a grandparent or you are quite indulgent...thanks either way! My mom's birthday is coming up and we are celebrating this weekend--hopefully I can post some pictures of that sweet event!


kris said...

I love a freshly washed baby, too! I especially love those little hooded towels. I'm so glad to see they still make those--just like when mine were little. They're such a beautiful family. Look at them!
And I just love the pictures with Joshua. He's going to have a very special bond with his little niece! I can tell already that he's crazy about her!

Kimberly said...

She is just precious!

Kelsey Wiggs said...

This is the most adorable post ever. They are such a cute family!!!

Dandy said...

So sweet! What a good girl she was! My mom got to be there for the first bath too and she was super excited :)

She really is adorable.