Sunday, April 17, 2011

{Grandy's Birthday}

Oh my----I feel like I say this every time I blog lately, BUT.....I can't believe it's been SO long since my last post. I just wish I had more time! Almost a month ago, I had a little birthday party for my mom. Caitlin and Carson and Joshua and I had her and daddy over to celebrate her birthday. They were headed out to Austin on her actual birthday, so we got together the Sunday before. Here are a few pictures of our celebration--nothing fancy, just a time to be grateful for and celebrate my mom, Barbara Jean Hostetter O'Chester.

We started out with a cake from Christie Haas---I picked it up at church and smashed the front up a bit on the way home---nice....fortunately messing up the icing doesn't effect the taste---
On the way home, "someone"---who shall remain nameless, but according to the laws of North Carolina has to remain in the backseat out of the watchful eye of his mother---managed to eat two of the "polka dots" OFF THE FRONT OF THE I moved two from the back to the front....isn't being 10 the best?

The composition of this picture isn't good, but I wanted to capture the table, so here it is.

Sweet Eve, just after being removed from the carseat----I love that little sweaty head and scrunched up face.....not to mention the tutu!

The Birthday Girl---just before dessert!

A picture with Carson---love that young man!

Grandy with her first great grandbaby....and her only one for awhile, I assume!

Grandy & Papa with Eve

Four generations! Me, Caitlin, Barbara & Eve---what a blessing!

Thanks for stopping by today. It's spring break at the Nelson house, so hopefully I can catch up on my blogging---forgive me for being so long in between posts! LOTS has happened--but priorities don't leave me any time to blog!

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