Thursday, April 28, 2011

{Easter 2011}

Easter 2011 was a sweet one! Praise the Lord for sweet days~

Easter came at the end of my spring break. I had spent the first weekend in DC with my sister and her family and had gotten to see Hannah, too. I'll post about that later this week, but I had to put my Easter pictures up first! I had anxiously awaited Easter so I could hang out with Caitlin and Carson, and of course sweet Eve. They had gone to Rocky Mount to visit Daisy (Carson's mom's grandmother name...........oh and the rest of the family) most of my spring break, so I was SO excited to get to see them. [And, can I just say "YEA! for loving in-laws"? I don't know how many people you know who have issues with inlaws, but I KNOW, personally how great it is to wonderful in-laws. AND I'm SO grateful to the Lord for the gift he gave Caitlin when she married into the Guy clan. What a blessing to have a sweet family on "the other side"!]
OK---back to the post at hand! A post in pictures, I think!
I went a little casual this year---I found this tablecloth at Target in the Easter section, but it was out of place and I just happened upon it---I LOVE a nice tablecloth for $12.99!

And, of course, everyone needs a placecard at a party table....and EVERYONE needs a chocolate bunny on Easter. I didn't have time to make much for this celebration, so I went to Lindt and picked up a tasty "placecard" and then made a quick tag---

I had a combination of flowers from Caitlin and Carson for my birthday and then a fresh bouquet of roses from Fresh Market. I just wanted the table to be happy and bright and it was!

Appetizers---healthy---well, the fruit and veggies were healthy....not necessarily the dips! BUT THERE WAS HUMMUS---a healthy alternative!

Here is a close up of the appetizers---that fruit dip up above---DIVINE! Recipe will follow in another post! I didn't get a picture of all the food, so I'm just not going to post the rest---but, it was yummy----capped off with a Key Lime Pie from Winston's Grille---one of my favorite restaurants in Raleigh. You can read more about it in this post.

A few things were left at my house for Eve---I have NO idea how this happened...

Joshua got a few different things in his Easter basket--one of them was this basketball hoop and NUMEROUS games of horse have already been played....a fun indoor activity! He's having so much fun with this! (Of course it helps that he's generally playing with me and I'm REALLY AWFUL!)

Carson has one of Eve's gifts in his pocket---this little bunny was from Hannah. She picked it up on her trip---maybe in India? I'm not sure---it's a quirky little bunny!

I thought this picture was so sweet of them! Eve was getting pretty hungry at this point, so she was getting fussy.

My mom---"Grandy" with Eve---how sweet is this?

The Guy family!

I love this picture! I was just able to catch them trying to settle Eve down--sweet!

Taylor joined us for lunch---YEA!!! She's holding Eve here---her namesake!

I have several posts to type up---we'll see how much I get done in the next few days---tomorrow is yard day---SO. MUCH. TO. DO! We'll see if I get it all done! I hope your weekend is a great one~

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