Friday, May 29, 2009

{Crazy May}

Oh my! May is here and almost over! I can't believe my last post was 3 weeks ago! May is one of the busiest months in the Nelson house---probably in any house with school aged children! I say every year---"May is as crazy as December without the joy of Christmas"---someone reminded me that I have the joy of summer ahead and this is SOOOOOO true! I love the pace we have in the summer---get up when you wake up (which for me is still too early--but it's not 5:15, so no complaints here!), see what's on the agenda for the day, do it, grill some dinner, hang out after dinner, go to bed. Get up the next day and do it again!!!

Since I've been gone so long, I thought I'd fill you in on what has been going on. I'm sorry I don't have pictures for everything, but the month got away from me. Since my last post we have celebrated Mother's Day, played all of our last soccer games for the season & had the accompanying celebrations afterwards, had an amazing choir concert,
helped with field day, took Joshua and two of his friends to the new LEGO store for a celebration of all things LEGO, taken my students to sing at a retirement community (where I forgot my music in the classroom---but that's another story) & then to Cici's---children can consume LOTS of pizza, had an SAT test, AP tests, watched as Hannah took part in the Capital Awards, went to the Sports and Academic awards ceremonies, had Baccalaureate dinner and service, two graduations, Mother's Day, finals for both my girls (fortunately all I had to do was pray---SOOOO glad those days are over for me!) celebrated my oldest daughter's 20th birthday,

made some note cards for Caitlin to give to her boyfriend's mom (which were pretty cute, if I do say so myself--but I didn't have time to photograph them),
finished teaching for the year (I have a work week next week, but students are gone) and am in the THIRD day of cleaning Hannah's room while she is off on her class trip to Charleston with Habitat for Humanity. OK---yes, I said THIRD day---it's mostly picked up now, but I need to finish that and vacuum, etc. And that's all I'll say about that---so she won't kill me when she reads this!

As I got up this morning I heard Joshua coughing and he came out & isn't feeling great---can you believe this sweet boy did not miss ONE DAY OF SCHOOL THIS WHOLE YEAR, but he may miss the Grand Opening of the LEGO store (where there will be a Brick Master building a giant YODA in the middle of the mall---and kids get to help him) because he may be sick. That just stinks!!! I'm going to see how he feels after awhile---hopefully it's just allergies from stirring up all the dust in the room next door to his---'nuff said. :)

OK---I sent my camera off to Charleston with Hannah, so I can't photograph anything, but I do have one card to share that was in my "archives"---ha!! I had planned to take pictures all along the way while cleaning her room, but she does have my camera---I had hoped to find hers in the.....uh....rubble while I was in there, but it hasn't turned up yet, so just imagine what it might have looked like if I'm on Day 3. Some of you have NO WAY of imagining this because your child doesn't have a room like this (yet)---some of you know exactly what I mean....did I already say " 'nuff said'?"

OK---if you have stuck it out this far you are SOOOOOO sweet---here's the card I mentioned. Joshua had a birthday party last Saturday for a friend, so I made this card up Friday night---really quick---LOVE the quick cards!

Here are the details:

Stamps: In the Stars (SU!)
Paper: Stamper's Select White, Bitty Dots Basics patterned paper
Ink: Pure Poppy, Summer Sunrise, New Leaf (PTI)
Accessories: Pure Poppy & New Leaf Vintage Buttons, Yellow Buttons are Foofala buttons, Essential Glue Pad, Dazzling Diamonds Glitter (SU!), Glue dots to attach buttons

Here are a couple more pictures from Caitlin's birthday! Do all eight year old boys thing the bunny ears thing is funny---who started that anyway? Also, notice the 4th person hiding in the background to the right of Carson's ear!

Here's the dessert we had for Caitlin's party---she loves Key Lime pie and this is the best one I've ever tasted. It's from Winston's Grille here in Raleigh---if you live in the area, you should try it sometime.
Thanks for stopping by---I keep hoping to stamp---maybe after the LEGO thing---we are going to try it--he seems fine now! Have a great day~


Kimberly said...

Oh my, you have been busy. We are going to head to the Lego store in the morning. Mason is at his first sleepover tonight and then we are going right when the mall opens. Ryan is just thrilled!

LeAnne said...

Wow, you HAVE been busy! Hope Joshua is feeling better==and you get a break!