Tuesday, April 19, 2011

{I heart NYC!!!}

There is so much to love about New York---the shows, the art, the museums, the numerous languages you hear as you walk down a street, the busy streets and sidewalks....and so much more. But this post is about food! NEW YORK HAS GREAT FOOD!!! I didn't even get pictures of everything because I didn't want to totally embarrass my family. I would have taken pictures of every bit of food that each one of us had---but I used some restraint! Here are some pictures of SOME of the food we ate and some SERIOUS endorsements of our restaurants!

After we picked up Hannah, we went back to the hotel and dropped her luggage off and then headed out for a walk and an early lunch. We went to Ray's pizza for lunch....we had heard about Rays---we prefer John's, but we were hungry and the sign said, "75 cents a slice"---so we thought, "SCORE"----yeah, we're suckers that way. Don't get me wrong---the pizza was good and HUGE slices---BUT, it cost us $69....and no, we didn't eat 92 pieces of pizza between the 6 of us!!!! Uh, some of our pieces apparently cost $5....so that "75 cent" thing---it worked for Ray that day! Oh well, it's New York and Hannah was with us and we just didn't care.  Can I just say, one piece of Ray's pizza is probably enough, or one and a half at most---here, Joshua is living with the reality of two pieces of Ray's pizza....

We had to have Starbucks break after our pizza....I think there is a Starbucks ON EVERY CORNER in New York, so  you sort of feel obligated to go to at least ONE! Yeah, this picture isn't great----but it does show that we went there....it was raining and we were waiting inside while David and Joshua hailed a cab for us....I promise Caitlin and Carson really aren't mad at me....or I didn't think so!

Friday night we went to a little Italian Restaurant near our hotel---we wanted something affordable, but not fast food. Our concierge recommended a family friendly little place around the corner called Amarone. We had a good meal in a quaint little place--linen table cloths, but not linen prices!  David had mussels. He really likes them and these were good. This is one place where I only got one picture and it's this one.....yes, next time I'll just take whatever pictures I want....yeah, I probably won't, but I like to talk tough!

Saturday morning we went to my favorite little place in NYC for breakfast: Le Pain Quotidian! They have the BEST CAPPUCCINO in NYC! And, I must add, I think they have the best oatmeal I have EVER eaten, too. David loves their bread and meat plate....he's not a breakfast fan, so this is right up his alley. There are others around the country, you should try it if you ever find one.....honestly......LOVE the cappuccino! Everything is organic and fresh---it's really a great breakfast (and they serve other meals as well, we just love their breakfast)! They have a communal table where you sit right next to someone you've never seen---there's something wonderful about that! It's a HAVE to for me when I go to New York!
We went to a show Saturday night, so we ate dinner really late. We just went to a little restaurant on the corner of 48th right in the middle of the theater district, Sombrero.  The Nelson's will always try a mexican food place---and it was pretty good. 
Sunday morning we had a quick breakfast in the room and then headed out for an early lunch. We went to my favorite deli in New York-- Carnegie Deli. The Pastrami is A.MAZ.ING! Honestly, it's so good. Hannah LOVES a turkey sandwich----and THIS is a turkey sandwich!

She took half of the meat out so she could get her mouth around the sandwich, and still took half of the sandwich back to the hotel and had it for dinner that night! 

This is a picture of the pastrami sandwich, (photo courtesy of Carnegie Deli website) but we had it  made with swiss on rye bread. David and I split it and there was still pastrami on both of our plates when we finished. Caitlin and Carson had a roast beef sandwich, but I didn't get a picture of it.

Joshua is not a deli sandwich fan, so he ordered a hamburger----OH.MY.GOSH!!!
I couldn't resist taking several pictures of this burger and the progress he made. 
I did use my phone instead of my big camera....just to keep my family happy!

And finally---as if you aren't FULL ENOUGH after that sandwich, you HAVE to at least try a bite of their world famous cheesecake! We only got one piece to share because we were just too full. They actually have their Cheesecake recipe on their website if you are interested.

So, there it is---the food we had in New York on this trip. We really didn't plan our meals for this trip because we knew we just wanted to hang out and didn't really care where we ate....but we still were able to get to two of our favorites while we were there. 

So, what are your favorite places to eat in New York? I'd love to know so I can try them the next time I'm there! More NYC stuff to come......thanks for stopping by!


Dandy said...

Um, hello, this is the perfect post! :P The hamburger pictures made me laugh out loud!

I'm off to check out all those menus!

Brittany Salmon said...

A few things:

1. That first pic of Caitlin looks like she's going to hurt someone.

2. Welcome back to the world of blogging.

3. Those banners are the bomb... I attempted to make some a while back and yours make mine look like a 3rd grader made 'em. :) LOVE them.