Wednesday, January 14, 2009

{Another Valentine and more "cultivating"}

OK, so I'm having Blogger Issues---sadly, I think they are all USER ERROR, BUT---they are issues nonetheless! SOOO, ignore the post below and read this one---somehow I posted my pictures in a post all by themselves....I guess they were "lonely"---think Brian Regan.

Here's another Valentine I made this past weekend. I seriously love this color combo: Dark Chocolate, Raspberry Fizz and Aqua Mist---very pretty!

This will be a short post---the details are below. I've been thinking about my word of the year---remember that post? Cultivate---it's amazing how when you focus on something---even in a small way, it really does change your perspective. I figured as a follower of Jesus Christ--the most important thing I could "cultivate" was my relationship with Jesus---not that everything would be magically wonderful if I would just work on that relationship---but that He would help me DEAL with life in a more godly way---I've asked the Lord to help me keep my focus on Him and not on all the "stuff" that seems to get in the way of walking with him in these very busy years of my life. What a blessing~

One of the ways I'm doing that is making sure I have quality time with him everyday. The TV has been off more, I'm making this a priority for ME---not so I can check off the "things to do if you are a good Christian list", but because I WANT to cultivate a vibrant relationship with Jesus. I've had more time with Him since the first of the year and I will tell you it has made a difference in my perspective. I've been slapped with some real problems since the first of the year, but I have been able to trust more, to "let go of more", to WAIT. What a blessing~

One of the commitments I have made to Joshua is that I'll memorize the Bible verses that he has to learn for school with him. I just giggled this week when I saw the one for this week---it's like the Lord is just saying, "OK, you want to trust me---let's work on THIS!" Last week we memorized Galations 5:22-23, which I memorized years ago---
But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control; against such things there is no law.
so, if that wasn't enough to chew's this week's verse:
And those who belong to Christ Jesus have crucified the sinful nature with it's passions and desires.

I do love his WORD and how it speaks to my heart---like talking to a friend...sometimes it is so sweet---but sometimes it hurts---but I can TRUST that He has my best interest in mind. So, this week, I'll be focusing on what this means---to CRUCIFY THE SINFUL is a blessing~

SO, how's that for a little "light blog reading!" Thanks for stopping by---the details of the card are below!
Stamps: Heart Prints (PTI)
Paper: Dark Chocolate, SS White, Aqua Mist, Raspberry Fizz patterned paper (PTI)
Ink: Aqua Mist, Fresh Snow (PTI)
Accessories/Tools: Threading Water Punch (Fiskars), Foof-a-la Buttons, DMC Thread, Raspberry Fizz Swiss Dot Ribbon, Crystal Stickers Hot Pink Pearls (Mark Richards)
, Dimensionals (SU!)


kris said...

Love your heart!
(I love the ones on the card, too)

Natalie Cease said...

Friend - I wish you were here to share these thoughts in person. I would also LOVE to learn what you know about stamping, etc.