Tuesday, May 20, 2008

{Trinity Field Day '08}

Do you remember Field Day growing up? I do----I remember it because it was the one day of the year that I could "compete in sports" and not feel like a total loser! Now before you start really feeling sorry for me, I had a great childhood---sports just wasn't my thing! My oldest sister was a great athlete---I ended up going to a different high school than she did because of all the "bussing" that was going on at the time. (Do you remember "bussing"?) I remember when the Volleyball Coach at McCallum High (my high school in Austin, TX) heard that an "O'Chester" was coming to her High school she was thrilled...I'm sure she just assumed that the athleticism was in the genes! So, I thought, hey, I'll try out for Volleyball. I had watched my sister play it for all those years---I couldn't be THAT bad, could I? Yep---I was. That poor coach kept me in the try outs far longer than she should have---she hated telling me that I didn't make the team, but hey, I stunk---seriously. I look back now and giggle at that whole thing!

Anyway, our PE teacher at Trinity is so wonderful. She picks the best games to play. There are winners and losers, but somehow it just doesn't hurt very much---there are lots of "class competitions"---and even a teacher water balloon toss---which the kids seem to like! There are a field of volunteers and we all have a great time! Everyone gets a ribbon at the end of the day---it's a memorable day in the Lower School at Trinity Academy of Raleigh!! Here are some pictures---now, I was manning a station with another faculty member, so I didn't get around to any other stations, but here are some highlights of MY day!

The "winner" of our game going through the "winner's tunnel".

Joshua and his good friend, Jacob at the "Opening Ceremonies".

Joshua and his good friend Justin at lunch.

The sack race. The older girl on the left is one of our 6th graders. They helped out with every class. Here she is cheering Hannah on to victory as she hops down the race path.

Finally after a long day~POPSICLES!!! What a great day~

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