Thursday, May 1, 2008

{Nestabilities in the House}

Yep----I just got some in the mail yesterday, so I'm going to try them out----if you don't hear from me for a week it's because I broke something and I'm too humiliated to tell you. Hopefully I'll have a card or something to show you soon. I bought the square ones first because they were in stock. I then found out they were out of stock but still got them in less than a week.

I ordered them from Cut@Home----they offer a monthly 40% coupon off of one item. I didn't need to buy them all at once anyway, so I'm getting them a month at a time---but, hey, I'm getting them! They do only give you the 40% off the list price, which is $84.99, but you are still getting the whole set (26 or 20-depending on the size-dies in each shape) for around $51---that's a good deal. I do feel a loyalty to a couple of other online stamping stores out there, but when I can save almost $30 a set, I'm going to. Even paying the $6 shipping I'm still saving money.

I got this tip from this blog post on this wonderful blog, Stampin' Pretty . Well, I'm going for now---I hope you have a great day and I hope to post a lovely something soon!


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