Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Today the Trinity Academy Girls Soccer Team begins the journey down the road to defend their State Soccer Title---the road they have been given is a hard one. I guess that happens when you are ranked # 1. Today they play the team they beat in the Conference Championship. That game was not a pretty one---we do have the advantage of playing at home. Trinity has the better team, but everyone has to show up---I'm sure they see what's in front of them and they will be ready to play today.

Between this week's games (we hope that's plural) and my Spring Concert on Thursday, I'm not sure there will be a lot of time for stamping----the summer is for stamping.....the summer is for stamping!

So, I hope to be back by the weekend with something beautiful besides my daughter (in the glasses---no, not during the game) and her friends!

Go Tigers!

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kris said...

Totally unrelated comment--
Great job last night. What a fabulous idea with the Seasons of Love song. I could barely hold it together. So thankful you are back into the music mix at TAR.
Also, what a fantastic job Hannah did! I was so proud of her and she's not even my daughter. And. . one more thing. On Thurs nite at the Awards ceremony, I was reminded how much I enjoy Dr. Nelson in the role of M.C. He's my favorite. What an awesome family you have!