Monday, May 5, 2008

{Edenton Tea Party}

Well, tomorrow is the Edenton Tea Party for the first graders at Trinity Academy of Raleigh. It has become something to look forward to in the first grade year. When my girls were in the Lower School we had at least two days every year where all the students in the school dressed up and had a "festival" of sorts---some of the more memorable for me were the Renaissance Festival, All-American Day, but my favorite was probably Egyptian Day. Hannah---my 16 year old and her classmates STILL talk about this day---and Zach's olives---one of the boys had an "Olive stand"...they all had to be vendors of some sort---Hannah was a shoe maker and we had made all sizes of "shoes" that consisted of cardboard cutouts in the shape of a foot with holes punched and strings attached for them to lace up their leg----if I were an organized blogger, I'd show you pictures, but certainly you can tell by now that I'm not! I'd have to go upstairs and find the 1999 box of pictures and dig through them to find the right ones, then I'd have to scan it in and remember, technology isn't my thing.....this is where the "ramblings" part of the "Nelsonramblings" comes in. I never intended to bring up these other days, the thoughts sort of poured out of me in a "streams of consciousness" sort of way----this is how I talk, too---just ask my friends!

ANYWAY, back to the Edenton Tea Party---Joshua is dressing up in colonial style tomorrow, May 6 and here are some pictures of him---I hope you enjoy! The costume was thrown together with the help of Ms. Denman at the last minute. It's nice to be on the Fine Arts Faculty at times like this---I'm not quite finished with it, but I knew I may not get pictures tomorrow, so here they are!

I was excited about the "shoe buckle"----it's made from cardstock and aluminium foil. It took me about 2 minutes because I had the right tools! I have the old Creative Memories square punches---the one with 2 on each punch. I was able to just punch out the middle hole and then the "outer" hole in seconds. Then I added the large square of foil over it and cut it out from the back----simple, simple. A little sticky and I was done! The knickers were just a pair of uniform pants with a hole in the knee---I cut them off and tacked it on the inside. Then I sewed on a button and put stick on velcro to "close" the knicker---much faster for me than sewing in elastic--since I didn't get the sewing gene either. [My mom made all our dresses growing up---three little girls (again a picture in matching Easter or Christmas dresses can be imagined here--think late 60's--short poofy dresses with itchy slips). Someday, I'll be a better blogger and I'll do all that--it's too much right now!] The shirt is one that Caitlin wore when she was 6---so it's a little small. I had to take off the Christmas buttons---this shirt has been in the back of her closet(s) for 13 years, mind you--because I had made the jumper that went with it---with the help of a VERY dear friend, so I couldn't get rid of it---see, it paid off!!) He also informed me that the buttons were on "the wrong side of the shirt"---the things we learn when we play dress up---these are life lessons, no?

I'm sorry I don't have a card--I'm REALLY sorry, because I haven't had time to do much crafty stuff lately. Well, I haven't broken any of my nestabilities (these are embossing and die cutting squares of wonder---in case you don't know what they are, cough, cough KRIS)---I still haven't unpackaged them---I think the circles will be here before I can even open the squares.......the summer is for stamping! That's what I keep telling myself.........the summer is for stamping! I do have a really great idea for girls that are graduating from High School---stay tuned and I'll fill you in. Caitlin, my oldest, said this gift is a MUST HAVE for every girl going to college----and she should know, I think she's on her fourth one---but that post is for another day!



wetpaint12 said...

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LeAnne said...

What a great job you've done on his costume!!! He looks very realistic!

James said...
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