Monday, April 21, 2008

{One Sweet Baby}

Isn't he beautiful? Nope, he's not mine----he belongs to Hannah's Soccer coach and his wife---baby Ian. He's precious. My oldest daughter babysits him every Thursday and sometimes other days---He is such a pleasant child. Since Caitlin is in College and the dorm room isn't always the safest place for a baby, she keeps him at our house sometimes. Last week he was over and I snapped some pictures of him---I have SOOOO many, but I thought it might be a bit much to put 10 pictures up of someone else's baby!!!

Ian's daddy, Coach Woody---as everyone calls him---is a great man. Hannah actually decided to play soccer again this year just to be on HIS team---Last school year, he led both the Trinity Academy of Raleigh's boys and the girls soccer teams to win the State Championship---that's pretty amazing! More than being an excellent coach, Woody is a godly man who teaches his players to be good sports to the Glory of the Lord~THESE are lessons they will carry with them forever.

Here's Coach Woody with Hannah during a game last week. He loves what he does and is really excellent with the kids. The team is ranked #1 in the state again this year---which means everyone is trying to beat them! I don't know if they'll make it again, but we'll be there cheering them on as far as they go!

Hannah plays defense---I don't know much about soccer---sadly, so I can't tell you specifically what position she plays, but I know it's defense!!! I've begun to love the game (but don't tell anyone!)

Just had to share what keeps me busy this Spring---maybe some pictures of Joshua's soccer next week sometime---7 year olds playing soccer----now there's something to cheer about!

Have a blessed day~

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