Tuesday, April 1, 2008

{My kids}

OK--I haven't been here in almost a week---the whole blog thing is something I'm having to learn---(spoken by a girl who doesn't really understand how to use her digital camera yet!) It's Spring Break for our family this week (well, for 3 of us---my husband and oldest daughter already had their break). I told myself I'd get a lot done this week toward learning about this blog---well, it's only Tuesday, right?

These are my lovely children on Easter Sunday. It was way too cold to take their picture outside, so we settled for the couch----the seven year old was acting....well, uh......seven!

We are blessed with great kids---Hannah, 16, Joshua, 7 & Caitlin 18. I'm sure one or both of the girls will not like this picture, but again, I'm just glad I got one to upload! Yea for me!

Have a blessed day~

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Sherry Wright said...

You have a beautiful family!