Sunday, April 27, 2008

{Joshua scored a goal}

Whoo-hoo!!! We had a soccer game yesterday---remember I told you that 7 year old soccer is a blast---it is---and, oh, it can be frustrating, too.........when you are standing there watching someone on "your team" kick the ball way down the field, but the rest of "your team" is just standing back at the other end of the field watching the ball go down the field while all the "other team"-- follow the ball and turn it back "up field" to their goal----yep, it can be frustrating, too. BUT, when I watch the game and remember that the CASL motto is "remember, it's just a game" and we aren't competing for the World Cup---it's a ton of fun! Now, don't get me wrong, CASL has some very competitive teams and sends students to Colleges with major scholarships every year.....but that being said, we are just SEVEN!!!

Here's how the goal happened. Joshua was just past the mid-field line (PLEASE don't write me and tell me how improper my soccer language is---I KNOW---but I'm refusing to learn too much until I have to!) and he saw the ball coming toward him---he backed up and gave it a lovely kick (as far as I know, his technique was flawless!!) sent it rolling (I'd love to say it was flying through the air and straight into the back of the net---but, alas, it didn't happen like that!). It was the defenders turn to just hang around at the other end of the field and the ball just rolled right into the goal! It was so exciting! It's only his second goal this year. He really prefers to play defense, but the coaches make you play all positions at this point. After the goal, one of the players came running up to him to congratulate him and he acted like "Hey, I do this every day", ---Mr. Cool, but then you saw the HUGE smile on his face when he looked at the sidelines---Of course, the parents on our team are so encouraging and they were going crazy! It was a moment to remember---

OF COURSE, since I'm out of the running for Mother of the Year anyway, (see this post) I didn't have my camera with me, but here are a few pictures of him and some of his teammates from another game. When I go to games like this--even when he doesn't score (which is most of them), I'm just reminded that LIFE IS GOOD! I hope you are having a great Sunday, that a nap overtakes you and you are able to do something you love today!

This is my favorite pic so far...he'll hate me for it someday, but it's a classic---he's the one with the creeping shorts.....if you know what I mean!

Have a blessed day~

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