Saturday, January 29, 2011

{Spirit Week 2011}

Homecoming week at Trinity Academy of Raleigh is such a fun week! When you have to wear a uniform everyday, getting 4 days out of five where you can wear "something else" is quite a treat!! Pajama Day is always a fun one---Joshua wasn't much in the mood for pictures, so I took pictures of the wonderful teachers in Building B---almost all of us dressed in our pajamas! What a great way to celebrate a MONDAY!!! I love the coffee in the hands of the teachers----such a typical morning, without the pjs---I mean!

I love these women! I'm so blessed to work with such great women~

Favorite team day was fun---no pictures. Crazy sock day was a great one, too. Everyone wore their uniform with crazy socks---there were some cRaaaAAzy socks! My favorite day was Thursday---Dress like your favorite movie or TV character. Joshua has been thinking about this for weeks! We are currently reading thru the Harry Potter series---he's on book 5 right now, so it was a no-brainer what he would be. He wanted to be Harry, but has lost the glasses. I told him he could be Harry without the glasses---NOPE! So he's a Griffindor---"probably Neville". He definitely has the hair right now to be Harry, but he's a perfectionist about things like this and couldn't make it happen without the glasses!

Here he is with a great friend---Harry Potter....a.k.a. Justin Hofer~

Mrs. Walker---the Latin teacher went into Building A and found Hermione---yes, this is her real name (and she has a twin brother named Harrison--yes, really!) She had dressed up as Hedwig--Harry's owl.

The week culminated with a pep rally (complete with our Headmaster in a  kilt! Pictures coming, I hope!) and a great Homecoming game---Our boys won---what fun! It has been so long since we've won at Homecoming---what a great end to a fun week! I'm so grateful for this community---a sweet place to work and learn!
I've been busy varnishing the woodwork in my den----my 17x28' den---LOTS of sanding, cleaning, taping...oh, and varnishing, too---I can't believe I forgot to take a picture the other day of everything moved to the middle of the room with tarps and tape all over the place---ugh! Oh, yes, and the other night at 12:30 when I set off the alarm moving the ladder and banging it to the floor---setting off the glass break least we know it works.....right? Oh well, the varnishing is done even though I didn't take a picture---BUT, this is one reason I haven't blogged this past week---So good to take a few minutes to post today! REALLY, Project Life pics are coming soon----I've been keeping up with it---I can't believe it's about to be FEBRUARY---crazy! My grandbaby will likely be born this month!!! I have a feeling I'll have many great posts to come!! Enjoy your weekend~

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Mary Mac said...

these pictures are so great. Josh makes a really good Harry Potter. congrats on the big win!