Tuesday, February 1, 2011

{The Valentine Project}

Since it's the LOVE MONTH I wanted to do something to remind Joshua how much I love him---little things. I thought about doing something along the lines of what I do for Advent---a little gift everyday, but I don't have the creativity in me right now---SO, I just decided to make notes to give Joshua everyday. WORDS are such a gift---and I thought I'd gift him with an encouraging word each day until Valentines. I saw these printables that I could purchase, but decided I have MORE than enough stuff here already to make little Valentine notes for him. I started with random papers from my stash and used my Lunchbox Note die to cut out 84 notes-----oh, did I not mention that I made some for two friends to give to their kids during these 14 days? These are the things I miss doing now that I'm working more---I wish I had done more of this for my girls when they were little---OH, I'll be a good grandmother! ;D

Anyway, I cut them out and then put a piece of paper in them to write on. I really wanted to stamp little Valentine's things and attach them to the front, but I just didn't have the time---and Joshua won't care. SOOOO, today, I put one in his lunchbox---and when he got home I was unloading said lunchbox and the note was there. When I asked him if he read it he replied, "Yeah, I read it at snack, and then again at lunch". MELT!! You know, you don't have to have a cute note to write something sweet to your child---just put it on a sticky note, a craft stick, a piece of newsprint in red sharpie with a heart on it---they don't care! And we shouldn't either.

SOOO if you are a stamper---or if you want to be a stamper, or if you KNOW a stamper---you MUST go to this blog now---really, click on over there, I'll wait. Papertrey Ink is having their 4th anniversary this month. This is my FAVORITE stamping company---it's just about my ONLY stamping company. Nicole Heady is the creative genius behind the company and there are always so many give aways and exciting things going on in February Put her blog in your Reader right now----at least for the next 15 days---it is TOTALLY worth it! You'll love what she does! OK, there's my shameless plug---well, there's truly NO SHAME in it, because except for my debit card being used there on a regular basis, they have no idea who I am! SO RUN OVER THERE and see what's up---oh, and if you win some big prize---you MUST TELL ME---and maybe share!!!

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What are your Valentines plans?

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