Saturday, January 8, 2011

{Project Life}

PROJECT LIFE!!!! I'm DOING it! I have been "crafty" *smile* most of my life---and "paper crafty" for a long time, but my scrapbooking began to overwhelm me about the time that Joshua was born. I was chasing two other kids to away games and lessons and doing homework and cooking meals and then working and still doing all of the above. NOW, I know that many women do all that I have done and STILL have beautiful, beautiful scrapbook pages---and entire books for each child, but I'm not one of them. I have been so sad that I haven't recorded the memories of my children's lives because, honestly, now I have forgotten much of the "story" of our lives. SO, when I began to see Project Life 2011 advertised and talked about on some of my favorite blogs---namely, Ali Edwards, on that post and this one, and Michelle Wooderson, on that post and this one, I decided THIS was the year. (I bought it for myself for Christmas!-shhhhhh!) I don't usually do that--OK, I never do, but I did it this year. This is a gift that I will treasure for many years to come and it was only $53!!!

It has EVERYTHING I need for this scrapbook except the pictures and my words. It's in a three ring binder, so I can also add other pages to it and I will certainly do that. I HAVE A GRANDBABY COMING IN THE NEXT TWO MONTHS!!!! eeeek!! I'm really excited about the joy of that sweet baby and watching Caitlin and Carson parent her!

SOOOOO---I'm sure I'll occasionally share a page or two with you. If you're interested in this sort of "get it done" scrapbooking, go check out Becky Higgins' Blog and Product page. She has a video that tells you all about Project Life and it SOLD me! There's also a free forum and gallery to get ideas on Big Picture Classes.
You know I'm not one to put pictures of myself on my blog, but Becky asked me to (and yes, we're on a first name basis now)----so HERE IT IS!!! I'm excited to record my family's story in 2011! It will be a great year, I'm sure!

I've chosen "my word" for the year, but I haven't shared it yet. I'm not sure why? Perhaps I need a new one---waiting until it's right to share! I hope you enjoy your weekend---what's left of it~


Dandy said...

Now I'm really interested! I don't know how people keep up with the sccrapbooking. I have one infant and no job and I can barely get showered :)

Off to check it out!

Mary Mac said...

you are so creative! Go girl!