Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Did I mention we love Chick-fil-A?}

SOOOOO late posting this---BUT sweet Lindsey Danforth put together a "Going to College party" for Hannah before she left for school. Lindsey is a Marketing Director at the Falls Village Chick-fil-A (go there instead of another one) which is RIGHT up the street from our house. We can walk there in minutes! We do crazy things for Chick-fil-A....remember our dressing up like cows this summer for free meals? Anyway, Lindsey gave a free sundae to any of Hannah's friends who came to say goodbye! She's so sweet--here are a few pics of the fun night!

 The cow came to visit and brought Hannah a bunch of goodies for her dorm room!

Aunt Hannah and Eve---her look alike!

Joshua and the cow---

sweet friends~

Grandy (great grandmommy) and Eve

My sister Shannon was here doing some work and was able to come! What a treat~

Thank you Lindsey and Chick-fil-A for the sweet send off! Now, go get a peach milkshake before they are gone! Summer is over tomorrow, right?

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