Sunday, September 4, 2011

{Another kid at college.......waaaaaaaaaah!}

One of the truths about children: they grow up. This is a beautiful and awful thing. I don't know how the daddy feels---because I am not a daddy, but the mama---or perhaps I should say THIS mama has a love/hate relationship with college! I'm SOOOOO happy my kids go to college and I'm SOOOOO sad my kids go to college.

I took Hannah to Davidson College in mid August. She was SO ready---yea! That made it so much easier for me....and let's face it---it's all about me! ;D Honestly, after her cRAzY trip around the world last year with Thinking Beyond Borders , leaving for college is just NOT a big deal....until you have to hug her 'goodbye' and walk away. UGH! (You can read about her trip here, here, here, here, here and here for starters!!) At least this year I can talk to her and don't have to wait seven months to see her!

On Tuesday night we had our "last dinner" with Hannah-one of the things we have enjoyed this summer is ordering our own pizzas from Amante pizza. So we had one last hurrah before Hannah left.

Hannah and Joshua put together some of her shelving that we took....ummm, WHILE watching Disney's Pocohantas.....gotta LOVE that~

Since my car is a tiny Ford Focus, we drove to Davidson in Grandy's CADDY---oh my! I think it gets about 4 miles to the gallon, but it has TONS of storage space!
Getting ready to go!

Caitlin was so sweet to keep Joshua while I was gone---what beautiful kids I have!

We arrived at Davidson in the early afternoon

Hannah met her roommate that day---pardon the phone photo!

Again---phone photo, but LOOK HOW BIG HER ROOM IS! A.MAZ.ING!

David put together one monster of a bookshelf!

The college girl~

So, as I was out in Mooresville at a local Target picking up a few last minute items for Hannah's room, I happened upon THIS----Bluebell is in Davidson....all is right with the world

I never got a picture of the finished dorm room---perhaps at Family Weekend! We'll see~ Davidson is a great place for Hannah. She says she is studying all the time---but I've noticed on twitter and facebook she's not studying ALL THE TIME---so, that's nice! 
I'm grateful for the opportunity for child number two to go to school---as much as I miss her being home---I wouldn't have it any other way. And, I will say, if she has the wonderful experience that her sister had---meeting amazing friends, growing into a beautiful woman of God, meeting the most amazing man (it's FINE if this part doesn't happen there!) then it is MORE than worth the hole I feel in my heart. It's the way it's supposed to be.

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