Saturday, July 9, 2011

{We Love Chick-fil-A}

Yesterday was Chick-fil-A's Cow Appreciation Day. We live just minutes from several Chick-fil-A restaurants. One is so close we can walk to in about 5 minutes, so when we eat fast food this is a definite possibility. I have NO reason to talk about this company other than the fact that I love it---they don't know who I am---they don't give me any incentive to do anything for them---and let's face it....the three readers I have already know about the company! ;D (Photo from Chick-fil-A website)

On Cow Appreciation Day if you dress like a cow, you'll get a free meal or entree. WE GOT FREE MEALS---SERIOUSLY! ALL OF US! So, here are a few pictures of our day---So fun!

I wish I had thought of this idea earlier, I would have made Eve and Caitlin a shirt/onesie, too (the onesie would be for Eve---just in case you were wondering.) BUT, this is typical for me---GREAT IDEAS come to me......but they just come REALLY late in the game---like at 9:30 before you're supposed to be at the restaurant at 11:00am.....LATE. BUT, I did manage to get three shirts made----thanks to Heat 'n Bond.

 I had some felt I used for Joshua's shirt and some black and white polka dotted material for mine and Hannah's. Heat 'n Bond is the NON-SEWER'S dream---and sadly, that would be me---the non-sewer! You iron the heat n bond paper onto  your material, cut it out into cow spot shapes and then peel the paper off and iron it onto your shirt. REALLY simple!

OK--onto the pictures---

(photo from Amazon)

Joshua loves Chick-fil-A---just not having his picture taken!

Me and Caitlin---a friend of hers who works at this location affectionately called Caitlin the "ghetto cow"---she looks beautiful whether she's in a trash bag or a real cow costume.

Eve was so sleepy---so we didn't pull her out of her carseat....there ARE spots under there!

Joshua enjoyed spinning the wheel---you spin and win SOMETHING from Chick-fil-A. EVERY SPIN WINS!!! Whoohoo!

SOOOOOO---keep your eyes peeled for the next Cow Appreciation could get a free lunch, too....

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Mary Mac said...

your children are ghetto fabulous! and your grandaughter is precious!