Sunday, February 12, 2012

{the boring stuff}

"It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most."
                                                                  Russell from Up, to Mr. Fredericksen

Have you seen Up? You remember, the first Pixar movie that had you bawling in the first five minutes when the love of Carl Fredricksen's life, Ellie, dies before he can take her on their dream trip to South America. WAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!! I'm crying just thinking of it. Wilderness Camper Russell is a surprise stowaway on Mr. Fredericksen's adventure to fulfill his dream. At one point in the movie, he's telling Mr. Fredericksen about his experiences with his father---who is somewhat absent in his life. He tells him about sitting on the curb and eating ice cream with his dad, "It might sound boring, but I think the boring stuff is the stuff I remember the most."

That's where I've been----I've been doing the" boring stuff". I am so grateful to have the opportunity to treasure the boring stuff---a clarified life---that's what I'm living these days---So, below is some of the boring stuff (and not so boring stuff) I've been doing since my last post---over TWO MONTHS ago. I'd LOVE to post more often---perhaps I can make time for it---I have been asked how I posted everyday in November if I have no time for it now. I posted VERY late at night---I made a commitment to do that for one month--but I can't do that everyday! I'd love to, but I think it might be uncomfortable for my students if they had to wake me up when they came into my classroom.....

Christmas Eve---pun intended---I have a post coming out on this tomorrow

Christmas Day--working on a post for this as well

And Josh's 11th birthday---more of this, too---

BUT, all of THIS is not the "boring stuff". These are pretty major events in our lives---Below is the everyday life---the stuff I've learned to treasure. I LOVE the holidays and birthdays, but let's face it--MOST of our lives are lived in the everyday--not the special days. So I'm focusing on THOSE Russell says---"the boring stuff"

 Helping Josh with homework....

 Keeping Eve so Caitlin & Carson can have a date night.....

 Going to lunch with my mom and both girls before Hannah had to go back to school

 Keeping Eve----who isn't really crazy about the carseat--bummer!

 Staying home with a sick boy---he was feeling a bit better here 
when we went to see the doctor and he had a funny moment.

 Eve found a nerf dart and HAD to have it in her mouth

 I finished Project Life---my 2011 scrapbook of everyday life. OH, and I'm almost finished with my December Daily album, where I scrapbook a page for each day in December. I'll post some of that when I'm finished.

 Caitlin and Eve came over for dinner and she was graciously helping Josh with homework

 ummmmm, this was in the back of someone's truck when I came out of church one Sunday morning and I HAD to put this in here---

 Joshua helping with Eve---so sweet!

My messy desk---full of stuff to do, papers to sign, and a sweet picture 
of my five year old boy.

These are just a few of the moments of life I've experienced in the last few weeks---I'm hoping to type up a few more posts on this cold, peaceful Sunday---but we'll see! My lesson plans are done and I have a bit of time....but that can always change! Life seems to do that--for instance, Sophie just went out to the back and started barking like crazy--a BEAUTIFUL Blue Heron was in my backyard---not even in the creek---Sophie went right for it and it took off flying----such a beautiful sight. Our gracious Heavenly Father allows us to live in such a beautiful world---It all happened too fast for a photo---too bad.

I'm so glad you stopped by---Here's hoping for a few more posts in the coming weeks!


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