Wednesday, December 7, 2011

{Extravagant Love}

I am amazed today to be loved by SO many---how blessed am I? I walked into my classroom today---the day before the big Christmas program that so many of you know about---even if it's not mine. You've sat through "the Christmas program"--whether it was your mother's "cantata" at church growing up, the big Christmas pageant, the Children's choir program, the December PTA meeting---and musical program to try to lure the parents there so they can vote on various agenda items, the band, orchestra, choir concerts. You know EXACTLY what I'm talking about! BUT, for me---it's "MY" program! I'm the crazy teacher in the gym without a microphone screaming out instructions to 225 of the most beautiful children you'll ever see! YEP---today was THAT day. ANYWAY (the rambling, the rambling) I walked into my classroom and saw a bag in my chair from the Verizon store---seriously. So I opened an iPhone 4 box with a giftcard that said, "K-- Word reached the North Pole that your phone was out of order! Take this to my elves at Verizon and get a new one! From: Santa " WHAT? There was a giftcard to the Verizon store---

I just stood there and began to cry---it's 7:31 and the make up is BLOWN! (and no, I wasn't wearing the waterproof mascara---you'd think I have learned by now...) anyway, I couldn't even believe it. I had wanted an iPhone when my phone began acting up and then I realized---hellooooooo, it's CHRISTMAS and you have way too much to spend your money on right now. I had two different people GIVE me their old Blackberry's and I just gave up the iPhone thing---really, I was TOTALLY over it---so I was just blown away at this extravagant gift---it's not that this money is a Lexus or anything, but it's money that people--someone--just GAVE to love me---just because.  It's not a NEED---I HAD that need met by two kind hearted souls who gave me an old phone.

When I mentioned it to a friend---in disbelief, she just said, "you are loved"---more tears. I had a parent at school bring me dinner tonight because she knew it was a crazy week and thought it would bless me. Another colleague at school called me today while I was in rehearsal and said she was picking up a Chick-Fil-a giftcard for me to use for dinner tomorrow night so I wouldn't have to mess with it. All of this happened TODAY---within a 10 hour span of time.

It was crazy---and, as I have a tendency to do, I began to ponder this today. Each time I was met with an outpouring of love I was SO HUMBLED that someone would go out of their way for me---seriously. I'm a  pretty independent person. I can get a phone, I can make a meal--or TWO---but the LORD kept reminding me today how loved I was---and that it's a GOOD thing to let others show their love to me in tangible ways. I work with the most amazing group of women. I'm SO grateful for their support and love--that in itself is a gift. I couldn't do this job without them. I could NEVER pull off a program without them. They always amaze me---I'm so thankful for them---especially this year. When your heart is tenderized---by God or man---you can either become bitter or more tender. I want to end up more tender. I don't want to become jaded and angry by my circumstances---I think the LORD is just using his sweet servants here on this earth to remind me to let the situation make me more tender.

One of the things I love about one of my dearest friends is how very tender her heart is. Repeatedly over the last year, I have watched her HURT for someone that many of us would judge. She's not "just a cryer"!!! Her HEART is tender---she's felt real pain and I think the LORD has made her more tender---not harder. Please God, let me become tender-hearted like this sweet sister. I turned to her today and just told her of this gift and she just smiled that knowing smile and said, "I KNOW"---I later had to describe this to her as an "Extravagant gift"--because that's just what it is to me. I don't need this phone---I don't need a meal, I don't need TWO MEALS! These are extravagant gifts of love to me. I looked up the word extravagant and here's what it says:


1. spending much more than is necessary or wise; wasteful: an extravagant shopper.
2. excessively high: extravagant expenses; extravagant prices.
3. exceeding the bounds of reason, as actions, demands, opinions, or passions.
4. going beyond what is deserved or justifiable: extravagant praise.
5. Obsolete . wandering beyond bounds.

ummmm, yes, yes, and yes---on all accounts today! Extravagant love---it was shown to me today---I can't help but think of the most extravagant gift ever given---that Jesus Christ---the God of the universe would "put skin on" and come down to this earth to live among us--the wretched people that we DIE. That GOD the Father would SEND his son to do such a thing---EXTRAVAGANT gifts---life changing gifts. I hope I can show my son---and my students this extravagant love this Advent season and point them to the One True Gift--Jesus Christ. Thanks be to God for this indescribable gift~

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Mary Mac said...

YOU are LOVED!! What a great post! Bless YOU!!! Thanks for posting AGAIN :)