Tuesday, February 14, 2012

{Christmas 2011}

Christmas morning was quite fun. We spent the night at my parents on Christmas Eve. Jennifer and I slept out in the den. I was on the love seat and she was in one of the chairs---yeah...we didn't get a lot of sleep. Now, THAT would have been a great picture, but so sorry for you that I didn't get one of those!!

 Joshua had a bit of a theme this Christmas---it was a Wes Welker Christmas. He got this jersey from Aunt Jen and a fathead from my parents--so Wes---or flat Wes as I like to call him, lives in Joshua's room now. Very cool!!

 This is Shannon's husband, Bill. He has a tradition of putting on every article of clothing he receives on Christmas morning---without removing any of them---seriously---it's hysterical. This cracked me up---it's crazy Bill---he's the fun uncle---do you have an uncle like that?

 Hannah had a Tom's Christmas---she received THREE pair of Tom's shoes for Christmas---so we gave away three pair of Tom's as well---I love that about this company.

I was able to get Joshua an XBOX console with Kinect with my American Express points. This was such a blessing---I have had my Amex card for YEARS and have never used my points, so I had a ton of them and was able to get Joshua a Christmas gift I never could have bought him! He was TOTALLY surprised---
The immediate hug---SO sweet---yep, I was bawlin'---
so much fun to give something special!

I have no pictures of our lunch or anything else from that day---we all had a lovely day though---
I HAVE had other things happen since Christmas that I hope to share with you, but this is it for now. Thanks again for visiting!!

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Katy @ Live Laugh Love Craft said...

Oh gosh, that picture of your son hugging you.. I am tearing up!