Friday, October 2, 2009

{An 18th Birthday!!!}

My Hannah is 18 today!!!! Isn't she LOVELY?

So much happens in eighteen years~ I wanted to scan in some pictures of her from preschool---she was so mischievous---you could see it all over her face!!! BUT, my scanner is not working---boooo~~~so, I'll have to wait to do that---there will be plenty of time to do this sort of thing in this Senior year. All sorts of moments to reminisce!

First applications are due October 15, so she is in the midst of all of that---you know how it is!

Hannah had an opportunity to go to England a year ago---she LOVED it---I think she'd like to live there......

but only if she could live in a place like this!

Here she is in Africa this past summer with some form of a Gecko-type creature on her head...gotta love that!

Another picture in Africa with a Massai girl~

And one more---

Hannah is an unusual girl---she is very confident in herself---but not in a snobby way---but a quiet, stoic belief. She has wanted to be an English teacher since Middle School and hasn't waivered from that. She sets high standards for herself and reaches for goals that seem unattainable to some---I think she can do it all---she can do whatever she wants to do. She's smart, but not too smart to laugh at herself---for instance, my sweet, kind, leader of a child has Silent Lunch detention today---yep---ON HER BIRTHDAY!!! She was tardy three times to her Greek class----now, I won't comment on the use of silent lunch for an 18 year old---BUT, I must say, her attitude about it was pretty amazing---I would have thrown a fit----but, she just laughed, said it was embarrassing and that she should leave earlier to get to her Greek class on time----that is a GREAT attitude!! She's a great girl---I wish you could know her!

I'll show her card tomorrow---it's for Dawn McVey's RSCC and I didn't think people would want to read through my birthday tribute to get to my card!!! Hmph~

Have a great weekend! Can you come mow my lawn?


LeAnne said...

What a beautiful daughter you have!
I will come mow your yard if you come mow mine! :D

Connie said...

I'm privileged to know her and agree, Hannah is a GREAT girl!