Wednesday, September 3, 2008

{Pics of our Labor Day "Gathering"}

Hmmmmm--Labor Day---a time when we celebrate the workforce in America...what a great time to honor those who work----so we spent our day having a party with a bunch of mostly unemployed college kids....hmmmmm.

WE HAD FUN---please don't misunderstand me---basically, Labor Day was a day when I COULD see my college aged daughter and all her friends, so we did it! It really helps that I like them! They are members of the Providence College Ministry (well most of them). You can find that group here.

Here's a picture of the "group"---most of them are Sophomores at NCSU, but one is older than them and another is a graduate student at SEBTS.

Caitlin with her roomie, Taylor---they have a fun blog---OK, maybe only 3 posts so far, but the concept is funny.
Check it out here. I know you'll feel enlightened~

Brentis (I hope I spelled this right---I'm sure he'll love that picture)

"The Girls" on the swing--cute!! (with th

"The Boys" on the swing--eeeew! ; )

Michael getting some homemade ice cream

Lindsay--she'll hate me for this picture. My camera was acting up, so I needed to take some shots and I captured this one!

My parents and David

The Liz---look at that beautiful skin!!!
And....this is just disturbing!!! I mean, I knew STATE was a major research institution, but I had no idea that this sort of thing was going on.....hmmm, GO WOLFPACK?

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Lynn Mercurio said...

Good for you! Nothing makes you feel young like hangin' with the kids. Great pictures!