Thursday, September 18, 2008

{m&m clock}

ETA: It's Talk Like a Pirate Day today! I'm looking forward to surprising all of my students with this.....I don't think I have 45 minutes of it in me, but I can keep it up for part of the time! Lucky them~
Go here to find out more about it!

I've been busy preparing my new classroom and haven't had a lot of stamping time. I did do a quick altering of a clock for my classroom.

At the end of every music class I hand out the marvelous musician award. I give the student a pack of m&m's for his prize (or he can choose from some other options if he's not an m&m fan)---I use m&m's for the name of the award.....Marvelous Musician...two m's....get it?

Anyway, last year before school started, I found a bunch of m&m paper in the clearance bin at Archivers, so I bought all. I used it last year to package the m&m's----it takes me too long to do that this year, so I just give them a sticker and they choose their prize out of a basket. Anyway, I had several pieces left, so I used one of them to alter the clock---
And here's the finished clock. It's not fancy, but it looks better than it did...a teacher suggested I put m&m's all over the outside----I'm still considering it. If I thought I could really get them to stick and STAY, I'd do it for sure---do you have any ideas about making m&m's stick to this plastic clock?
I couldn't really get a great picture of it without a glare on it, so please pardon the glare---I think you get the picture---so to speak!

Have a great day~


Anonymous said...

That is a fabulous idea, and it turned out great. The kids will really like it. Thanks for the inspiration :) Elizabeth S. in mid-Michigan

roomies said...

i love that mom