Friday, August 13, 2010

{National Building Museum Fieldtrip}

On my recent trip to see my sister, we went to the National Building Museum. They have a Lego exhibit right now (Lego Architecture: Towering Ambition) and that was right up Joshua's alley! We hadn't been to this museum before and it was absolutely BEAUTIFUL. I was shocked when I walked in to see how lovely it was. My sister has had occasion to go to a few dinners here and she said it is a stunning place for an event.

When you walk in there is this massive atrium area that is beautifully carpeted and has this fountain in the middle of it. Here's a picture from the 2nd floor where the Lego exhibit was.

Look at the size of these columns---what a beautiful space....I'm thinking wedding reception? Anyone? Gorgeous! 

 One of the greatest things about Washington D.C. is that almost every museum is FREE---we are so blessed to have family there, so we have a place to stay. One of my nephews had a camp this week, so only one of them went with us to the museum. Here is Joshua and his cousin waiting in line to get into the exhibit. Notice the Lego brick behind them---
  Once inside, we were wowed by replicas of famous buildings built only with Legos. I wish all of my pictures had come out---I was stunned by some of the structures---so much work. Some of the smaller versions are available from Lego if your child is insterested in Legos and/or Architecture.

Once in the room, there was a play area where your child could sculpt buildings and place them in the "city" that is being built by every child who comes through---every night they tear it down for the next day's group of imagintive builders. 

 Here's a picture of Nathan building---legos are so fun---no matter the age, you can build and play and create anything you want.

 This is Joshua with his creation and my sweet sister, Shannon. 

This picture is of part of the city that was built the day we went. Joshua's structure is there in the midst of it!

That's it for our fieldtrip! Have you ever been to DC? What a great city---soooo much to see and do---for a child of any age. I'm so glad we were able to see this beautiful building and fun exhibit---Thanks Shannon for finding it for us!

Thanks again for the visit! 

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