Saturday, August 14, 2010


Here's a quick post with a journal I made for myself. I use journals often---daily, really---for various things. This is one I made for thoughts and such! I wanted this to be bright and cheerful, so I chose papers from Cosmo Cricket's DeLovely line. I bought the papercrafting kit for a scrapbook I made after the wedding----

I added some felt embellishments and buttons to make me happy---it doesn't take much!

I added a Tim Holtz Philosophy tag that says Journey---I thought it fitting with all that is going on in our lives these's a brief rundown---
  • Caitlin got married in May
  • Caitlin and Carson found out in July that she's expecting a baby---whoohoo! Can you say surprise? Of course, the Lord is not surprised--only us!
  • Caitlin finished her last class at NCSU last week (YEA!) and is hoping to have a "real job" soon---until she gets one, they are moving into our home---that will be so fun to have them here---well, I'll think it's fun! I'm sure they hope Caitlin's job comes through really soon!
  • Hannah graduated from High School in May
  • Hannah deferred her enrollment to Davidson College for a year and  is leaving for 8 months on September 8---you can read more about it at her travel blog. She's taking a gap year and traveling/serving with Thinking Beyond Borders around the world--very cool trip----very far away from mama!
  • Joshua is in 4th grade---I can do this---I have done fourth grade three times---once as a 9 year and twice with my girls---4th grade---I can handle.
  • David took a new job in July---it's an amazing opportunity for him and he's really enjoying it---but it's in Winston Salem---nearly two hours away, so he's staying there during the week and coming home on the weekends for now--not crazy about this part of the job, but we do what we have to do!
  • We are preparing our home for the Real Estate market---oh goody! Do you want to buy a house in North Raleigh? :)
  • School starts for me on Monday---yes, I'm going to teach this year---I'd love to have our house on the market today, but it's not ready and we will need some time to fix some things before it's ready to sell. I may as well continue in my job---I do love it, so that makes it easier!
  • My parents, who moved here three years ago, don't want to move to Winston Salem, so they are moving back to Austin---do you want a home in Wake Forest? They can help you with that!
SOOOOOOO---I am on a journey---a crazy, wild, wonderful, faith stretching journey---so I have many thoughts and I needed a journal---do you see why I wanted happy colors? I always need reminders of God's rich faithfulness in my life---and this is a place where I will record these things this year---or, I may need a new one next month---I promise if I make one---I'll show it here!
Thanks for reading today---

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