Sunday, October 2, 2011

{A bird in the house}

No apologies for not posting---life is too crazy to post! BUT, I have to post this. No, this isn't part of my early Christmas decorations! There's a story behind the garland, but that will have to wait for another post. I came home from the grocery store tonight and left the door open because my hands were full of groceries. Joshua went out to grab some more bags and came running in to tell me that a bird had flown into the house---NOW, my son has a tendency to exaggerate to see my reaction---but, this was no exaggeration. We left both doors open but this poor bird just couldn't get to one! He was inside for 20 minutes---really. SOOOO, I had a chance to take some pictures of the various places where he landed. This is probably only a third of all the places. It definitely will make for a fun story for Joshua to share tomorrow at school! AND we both had a chance to see a beautiful creature created by an awesome God! I hope you'll look for some of God's beauty this week! Some days we just have to make the choice to open our eyes to see it!

This place was so funny--it's the mirror on my mantle and this bird landed here numerous times---he looked like he was part of the fall display!

He was on every curtain rod in the den---more than once.

This brings a new meaning to the cuckoo clock---or, at least it did to me---hee!

yeah, like I said............

A candle on the mantle (not the water--for you Pete's Dragon fans---boy the Disney movies in the '70s were awful!)

This was his favorite place---he KEPT coming back to the Ruffles bag. I have these for Hannah's return this weekend, so I'm grateful the bird didn't try to make a run for it with them---it could have gotten ugly! 

I finally opened the tops of some of my windows in the kitchen and he found his way out---whew! I thought we might have to stay up all night waiting!

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Yvonne @ StoneGable said...

So nice to meet you! LOVE your little birdie friend! Your son will have quite a story for school!